I Am Awesome

This day is indeed one of those days that makes me think that the world is really unfair. Hours ago, during our Physical Education class our teacher confronted us. She said that the evaluation that we did at her is kinda unpredictable. She told us her reasons why did she came into that conclusion. Her reasons were not as catchy but when the time that she stated that of the issues her students claimed during the evaluation is the favoritism issue. That catches my attention right away! Our teacher somewhat mentioned that some of my classmates are having a issue towards how she handles me as a student. My classmates or maybe classmate is stating that I am treated with special attention.

I do not have any issue about that claim but my point is that, why would they do such things like, you know thinking that I am a teachers pet. They can’t blame me for having a good leadership skills. They can’t blame me that I know something that they did not know. They can’t blame me that I am more special than them. I think that the conclusion to this issue is that they are just jealous for I am  awesome. For God’s sake, I am just being me! And if they can’t accept that then I don’t give a damn. I will not let them pull me down.


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