“The Anatomy of Global Dimming” By Joel Andrada Jr.

“The Anatomy of Global Dimming” By Joel Andrada Jr.

Global warming imposes fear and confusion to people for ages because of the gradual increase in global temperature. However, the threat does not end there. Another issue regarding the environment has emerged based on recent research findings. You may have heard of the term ‘Global dimming’, but one thing is certain: destruction is its middle name.

We humans have grossly underestimated the speed at which our planet is changing. Another new dreadful phenomenon has arrived, and recently, scientists refuse to believe that it actually exists.
Gerry Stanhill, an American scientist working in Israel, noticed that the solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface is gradually decreasing. He compared the Israeli sunlight records in 1950 and those of the current ones only to find out that there was a drastic 22% drop in the amount of sunlight. He was not convinced by the result so he also decided to check the amount of sunlight difference in some other places. He discovered the same outcome; with sunlight amount decreased by 10% over the USA and by 16% in some parts of the British Isles.

In 2001, Stanhill published his research and called the phenomenon global dimming. However, he received a lot of speculations from other scientists. Later Stanhill’s conclusion was confirmed by Australian scientists using completely different methods to estimate solar radiation. And although, no developments were perceivable up to this day, these researches have confirmed its existence.

It is currently thought that the cause of global dimming is probably due to the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere together with oxygen and hydrogen then CO2 mixes with Oxygen gas and Hydrogen gas during natural condensation (cloud formation) in the atmosphere, making the clouds more reflective due to a high content of nuclei droplets (caused by carbon dioxide). There clouds are called reflective clouds. When sunlight enters the Earth’s atmosphere, these reflective clouds block the sunlight, deflecting them back into space.
Therefore, the greater the amount of CO2 present in the atmosphere the higher the possibility of reflective clouds to exist. Less CO2 in the atmosphere imposes a higher possibility of increase amount of sunlight to reach the earth surface.

Global Dimming kills. It hides the true power of global warming. Global warming effects will increase if the global dimming is only to be address which will lead to an increase of 10°C in the atmospheric temperature over the next 100 years. The Earth by then will have a Sahara climate, an increase of soil erosion activity percentage and a decrease of agricultural vegetation production and it will lead to worse scenarios such as famine, death of millions of people worldwide and acid rain will occur, leading to the increase of skin disease cases due to polluted raindrops.

The only way so far to lessen such phenomenon is to eliminate the Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere like simply planting more trees. Treating global dimming alone would not help, rather worsen the situation rapidly. If we want to stop this disaster in the next 100 years, solving the Global Warming and Global Dimming together is the only best way.

We suffer a lot nowadays, and people in some parts of the globe can’t bear to suffer worse than today. Time is gold and the same is true to the possibility of humanity to continue to exist in the long run. Every second counts and so is the speed of the changes our planet is bound to have.
If global warming and global dimming continue to exist, the future of mankind will also continue to dim and if due actions are not taken we might as well say hello to darkness and say goodbye to the bright future of our children’s children.

Published at the Magazine “Yuhom” ,Tolentine Star Publication


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