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Rise and shine, people! Just woke up from a very short slumber. I’m still at the office, and I only slept on the table. Glad we consumed the space in the new arrangement of the office. :)

Rizza slept on the floor with the carpet on. Joel slept on some newspapers (imagine a beggar sleeping in the street, lol). Arvin slept on the old cabinet (like a freakin’ cat) while Chad, Herher, and Grace “sardined” in the couch. Jessan, meanwhile, slept on the couch first but transferred to the table with me in the middle of the night. Ain’t that cool?

I woke up because of the earthquake – that mini-earthquake that Jessan made while cooking and preparing our breakfast in the table where I was sleeping. The smell of the sweet and spicy pancit canton also activated my senses. Some staff woke up one by one and ransacked the simple breakfast that the short guy made for us. So I followed and filled my dear stomach too. 

Anyways, today is the culminating activity of the Religious Education Film Festival Season 2, and all short films made by students will be judged. I’m excited to see the short films all over again. I hope the judges will appreciate our  baby “Litrato”, because that is the product of our imagination, hard work, perseverance, sleepless nights, and well, skipped classes. I feel proud whenever our film is shown because I see the different reactions of people – they laugh, they cry, they worry. That just implies that they take the film to heart, and the acting of the actors is indeed effective. That also means that we were able to deliver the message of morality in our film. :)

I hope we win some awards, which I’m sure we would. Haha. Seeing other short films, I know the edge of our film. Lol. No offense to the other sections. 

Good day!


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