What Happened?

As I walk away from you
It seems the world turns blue.
I cant handle the pain I feel
Every step won’t heal.

You’re just by my side yesterday
Smiling and talking while we play.
But now it seems to be impossible
Time is gold, that is reasonable.

We used to hold each others hand,
We used to sing our favorite bands.
But now I cried for it would just be,
One of those thousands memories.

My Dear, I regret that only thing,
For it cost me everything.
I already wish to buy you a ring,
But the wish turns to ash, a damn thing.

You thought it was, but no it was not.
Misunderstanding is what we got.
I tried to explain the reasons,
Yet forgiveness is prison.

As I watch the moon tonight,
Your love was like a vampire bite.
Its nostalgic and very sad,
For your love those days was I only had.

As you left, your love followed,
It feels my heart was hallowed.
And I am all alone,
Solution is still unknown.

Oh,where are you now, my sunshine.
Why, did you broke this heart of mine?
My little rainbow at the sky,
Please come back and tell me, why?


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