The Deadly Hyperglycemia

In 2011, Dabetes mellitusor Hyperglycemia was considered one of the deadliest disease worldwide. According to Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators, almost 500 Filipinos are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (DM ) everyday. This year, health

Olive Oil

practitioners are very aware that Hyperglycemia will  really increase its victim.Kinds of food and liquids that we take are the main primary reason on how to acquire Hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia is a too much sugar in the blood which results into many health problems such as cardiac attacks. The best way to avoid having Hyperglycemia is educating our minds of what are the proper things to do. We must avoid the things that will greatly contribute sugars in our body. Soda is one of the main reasons why type 2 Hyperglycemic people have Hyperglycemia. A 350 ml of soda drink contains almost fifteen teaspoon of sugars. The sweetness is not very much tasted once we drink it due to the acid.

There are three main signs you should take note if you have Hyperglycemia. First is if you are Polyuria, having an increase in urination. Second is Polydipsia, you have an increase in thirst. Lastly is the Polyphagia, having an increase in appetite. There are also several syntoms to consider in case  you want some basis in order to prove if you are Diabetic:

1. Sleepiness after eating

2. Red, swollen, tender and bleeding gums

3. Tingling or numbness in the hands and feet.

4. Bad breath

5. Blackened skin around the eyes and knuckles

There are also several ways in order to avoid Diabetes. Exercising daily and balance diet are the most effective. Talking about diet, I have some tips of what foods to eat that can potentially prevent Diabetes. Diet plays a major role in diabetes risk management so healthier choices should be made.

1. Beans

2. Fatty Fish

3. Non-fat Milk and Yogurts

4. Olive Oil

5. Cinnamon

6. Cereals

7. Citrus Fruits



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