The Boy in the Burning House

How does it feel to lost your father mysteriously?

I mean, loosing him in just a glimpse of an eye and having no idea why did it happen?

The novel, The Boy in the Burning House is an Edgar Award winner novel of Tim Wynee-Jones. A novel that revolves around the world of Jim Hawkins.

Jim Hawkins lost his father two years ago. Is he dead or just gone? Then Jim meets Ruth Rose. Moody, provocative, she’s the bad-girl stepdaughter of Father Fisher, Jim’s father’s childhood friend and the town pastor, and she shocks Jim out of his stupor when she tells him her stepfather is a murderer.

This is the a book where I literally could not put it down. I was immediately drawn into the story from the first two pages of the prologue. Tim Wynne-Jones creates a very real drama full of mystery, emotion, and excitement. I found the novel well written and thought provoking on more than one subject. I thought the theme of religion was also portrayed in an interesting light and would be interested in reading other novels by Wynne-Jones to observe what connections could be made between them. I would recommend this book to any adolescent or adult who is looking for an exciting and realistic mystery.

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