It is Awesome to be a Pharmacy Student

Pharmacy is indeed a very challenging course in college and I will tell you why.

I want to be rich and have a car in the future; one way of achieving that is to look for a good course that will enable me to earn a high amount of money every monthly salary. My first impression about Pharmacy is that I thought Pharmacy is a cheap course where graduates work at the community and sell drugs at the drugstores. I thought it is low profile and you will earn just a minimal salary monthly. The course is not famous in our generation, but still out of the blue I discovered that my brain and heart has a plan to take this course.

I enrolled in Pharmacy when I was about to enroll in Medical Technology, because of these following reason. First, I heard that Pharmacy has a bigger salary than Medical Technology. Second, Pharmacy is one of the best courses as preparatory medicine. Next, Pharmacy here in the Philippines is very in demand due to very few Pharmacists in the country. Lastly, Pharmacy is more accessible than other medical courses except Nursing, because we all know that Nursing and Pharmacy are tied for the next courses with high obligations, next to Medicine.

Amidst all these reasons that prove Pharmacy is awesome, there are some things I need to tell you. These are the things that somewhat be the reason of the course awesomeness. The course will kill you, not literally of course but nearly there. The load of units is intense. You will give all your time in studying in order to pass the subjects. Talking about subjects, these are not just simple ones, but rather they are indeed complicated and very difficult. Consider classifying all medicines in the world, their uses effects and the amount you should prepare in terms of patients age, sex diseases. See! There’s more, consider learning all the pathogens, diseases, anatomy and physiology of plants and humans, microbes all over the world, the generic names and brand names of the drugs which is not a joke and many more!

Being a pharmacy student is awesome, but in line with this proposition is the responsibility that sits on your shoulder. Being a Pharmacy student is not like other students with other courses but being a Pharmacy student is like being a cow that dreams to be a human.

I am a Pharmacy student and I am proud to be one, for this is my calling. This is my pride.

( by Joel Andrada Jr.)


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