American Idol 2012= Power Ranking #3

This prediction ranking just simply predicts the possible percentage of a finalist have in order to win this season. The ranking was based from my own observation and other personal preferences which I based from some other sites and mobs of fans of the show.

  1. Phillip Phillips– 22% (same)
  2. Jessica Sanchez – 17% (same)
  3. Elise Testone– 16% (up by 3)
  4. Colton Dixon – 13% (down by 1)
  5. Hollie Cavanagh– 12% (down by 1)
  6. Skylar Laine –9% (down by 1)
  7. Joshua Ledet– 8% (same)
  8. DeAndre Brackensick – 2% (same)


Bottom 3 next week:

  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Joshua Ledet

Probably bottom 3 next week:

  • Skylar Laine
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Elise Testone

Sure Safe:

  • Phil Philips
  • Jessica Sanchez

Next week, as the top seven finalists are revealed, let us see how their performances this week can change the ranking. Watch out!


2 responses to “American Idol 2012= Power Ranking #3

  1. Wow!! Love this blog!! Very interesting!! Although I’m not really sure how you have arrived at your predictions. They are definitely different than mine but I find them very interesting. Joshua Ledet in my opinion is the most talent of all one the stage and has had nothing but great reviews form the judges however I;d be very surprised to see him or Jessica win. For years now all Idol has been choosing as winner are “rockers” and “country”. Phil has them both. I’m not a fan of that type of music but because I know the majority of Idol voters are, I’m sure he’ll be among the top 4. On the other hand Hollie, almost every time, has gotten low reviews from the judges (more so this week than ever), yet she was safe and the 2 the judges rave about, Joshua and Jessica, are in the bottom 3. Why do I believe this happened. Its what I call, “the judges curse”.

    The “judges curse” works two way. When the judges give a really negative review to a contestant, which the voters feel is unwarranted for the person they like , the voters fight against the judges comments, by putting their votes behind that contestant. This lets the judges know its the voters who really anoints the winner of the competition and not the judges. It works the other way too. When the judges find someone they really like, and it gets to the point that they’re raving, its perceived as favoritism by the voters and they fight back and instead of allowing the judge comments to sway the voters, they vote and overturn what the judges say. The judges choice is considered safe and so …if they’re safe ..why vote. This happens all the time. Jessica and Joshua have continually gotten good reviews and Colten and Hallie, bad. Yet those with good reviews are in the bottom and those with bad reviews are safe. What!!?? Thats how the “judges curse” work.

    Had it been Hollie, the judges would not have used their “safe vote” , because they’ve never really been on board with her as a winner. They’ve always been on board with Joshua and Jessica even though the voters haven’t been and thats why they used their “safe vote” because they know “the judges curse” can come in at anytime. So they use their “save vote” for who they like instead of who the voters like, because the voters many times get it wrong.

    I’ve been following this competition pretty closely and log by own thoughts on a blog as well. In it I’ve rated every singer that has auditioned this year for the competition and has said who would be at in the top and who would be out. It’d be great to have some other Idol fans visit and chime in. I love this show and you will definitely see me back here as I like this blog as well.

    I’m at … http://www.thisyearswinnneris.wordpress,com

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