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On the night of February 16, 2011, Maria Lourdes Aragon is singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga. Her performance was recorded and uploaded to her sisters YouTube channel to showcase her talent for her family and friends. She was singing normally, like nothing was going to happen. That night the 10 years old Filipino-Canadian girl, Maria did not expect that she will be a famous YouTube sensation.

Nowadays YouTube sensations are on a hit. Many YouTube viewers found them entertaining and well, the life of YouTube sometimes. YouTube sensations are people with such incredible talent, immeasurable sense of humor, unimaginable stupidity and amazing entertainment. Viewers always check their channel if ever they have new uploaded videos and in return they ask for a subscriptions. Many YouTube sensations nowadays are famous, especially those on the field of comedy. Viewers always love to watch their videos especially those who did the covers (people who performs a famous song of a famous artist) and even those who just did nonsense things.

Yet among all these popularity of these so called YouTube sensations many speculations have brought that maybe being a YouTube sensations might bring you to only three destinations.

First, destination to the place where you did the video.

For short nothing happened, all those efforts and expectations was just merely a dream.

Second, destination to a place of humility and downfall.

Let us make Rebecca Black as a perfect example, and by the way, if you don’t know Rebecca B. I suggest you better Google her first. Now Rebecca Black was once a hot name in new and internet and it was all because of her attempt to stardom, I am not saying that she must stop dreaming but I meant that the approach was just a no, no.

Now, there is also other YouTube sensation that did the covers, was accused for having no originality and just insulting the original artist of the song he/she covers.

Lastly, the destination to the peak of Popularity.

Now this one is on a brighter side, if you can still remember Charice Pempengo or simply Charice, she is now savoring the life of a Hollywood soon to be star (I think) all because of YouTube.  It doesn’t matter what you are and what you do as long as you have what it takes to be a YouTube sensation why not? Right? As long as you keep those violent and inappropriate things only in your head not in the video itself, that’s fine.

If you want to be a popular individual in a short period of time, here are the tips you need to consider on how to be a YouTube sensation:

  • First of all make an account in YouTube then customize your channel.
  • Think about a certain topic or idea you want to share or publish.
  • Also consider how to respect your viewers. Remember that almost all individual can see your videos if it is in a public mode. Avoid offensive acts or disrespectful deeds.
  • List the needed materials. Like if you want to share your talent in singing, make sure you have a good audio recorder, if you want to showcase your dancing skills try to use cameras rather than webcams.
  • The Courage to publish yourself, allowing any random viewers to see your face you have to consider how you look in camera. Prepare appearance before clicking the record button and make sure that you look presentable and appropriate. Also consider the background.
  • You must also have the patience in waiting in uploading your videos, the higher the memory of the video the longer it will be uploaded.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to be famous or just even share the talents or ideas you got, get those computers and cameras and show the world what you got. Who knows, you might be the reason why YouTube replaces Facebook in the number one spot for the most visited site every day.


Why do YouTube sensations exist?

According to double click ad planner by Google, YouTube ranks 2nd place as the most visited site in the internet every day, next to Facebook. It is the effect of the improvement of technology nowadays and it becomes one of the new fastest methods for expressive communication that can influence, inform, entertain and even persuade the viewers. Yet the greatest thing YouTube can give to an individual is an opportunity of winning a golden ticket in a trip to Fame Peak.  Uploading ones video with extravagant performance that can catch, entertain and amazed viewers at the same time, is difficult but we cannot deny the fact that trying can change your life. That is why there are YouTube sensations.


By Joel S. Andrada Jr.



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