The HUNGER GAMES: Movie Review


A couple hundred years in the future, what used to be known as North America makes up the nation of Panem. About 75 years prior to the events of the film, the then thirteen districts of Panem unsuccessfully rebelled against the oppressive government housed at the nation’s Capitol, and after the destruction of District 13, the remaining twelve districts pledged to never rebel again and subject their loyalty to the Capitol in the pursuit of “peace.” As an additional punishment for the rebellion, the Capitol orders that every year, each district will be forced to randomly choose one teenage boy and girl at what is known as a reaping for participation in the Hunger Games, a bloody battle to the death that eventually leaves only one lucky victor alive with the other 23 dead.

Enter Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), a 16-year-old girl who resides in District 12, a poor coal mining town in the forests of the Appalachian Mountains. She works with her best friend Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth) to provide for and protect her family, who are all suffering greatly from the tragic death of the father. When the reaping comes around, Katniss’ younger sister Primrose (Willow Shields) is selected as a tribute, but due to Katniss’ extremely protective nature when it comes to Prim, she instinctively volunteers as the female tribute in her place. Traveling alongside Peeta Mallark (Josh Hutcherson), the son of bakers in District 12, the two are sent off to the Capitol to prepare for the glorified bloodbath, Hunger Games. (Source:


Thoughts before Watching the Movie

  • I am a fan of the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The novels were just compelling, poignant and epic. Collins set a new masterpiece that the world should really love.
  • The Hunger Games was rated 13. I read the book before watching the movie and knowing that the story has a lot of violence and actions during the scenes at the arena will be rated 13 bothered me. I was thinking that, what will Gary Ross do in order to portray such heavy and important scenes in the movie? So I was excited and mystified.
  • I watched the movie in IMAX 2D here in Philippines which cost around 180 pesos, is only a proof that I am very eager to see the movie in a best way that I can and so be it.



Talking about cinematography of the movie, all I can say is that they really did a nice job.  There is only one point that I dislike when it comes to the cinematography of the movie and yes, it was the idea of a hand carry camera. I understand what Ross was trying to portray, a realistic and ideal scene that would really capture the viewers attention. It was a clever idea, especially in the bloody scenes and other stuffs and yes it really captured my attention. Honestly I can’t really get it off my mind.

  • In order not to really give full details of the bloody fights at the arena, the hand carry camera thingy technique was applied, in which for me was good. Yeah, it somehow worked but honestly, it ended making me a little dizzy. In my head during that scene was only, “Dafuq is that camera”.
  • The scene also where the two tributes of the District 12 enters the train. That’s a cool idea of applying again the hand carry camera thingy technique, but oh mommy, the world just shakes. It was too much. I think they overdo it.

In the end I am giving the cinematography of the movie a fair rating of 3/5.


The screenplay by Mr. Ross, Ms. Collins and Billy Ray was magnificent. I think that, Collins as the script writer worked as an advantage for the movie. The movie all throughout was great due to the lines and story in which was really well adopted from the novel.

Talking about details, I have read other blogs with same topic to this post. Some people commented about the things that were not in the novel but present in the movie. Things such as:

  • Madge absence.

For me it was just ok. The pin was supposed to be a gift from Madge to Katniss but in the movie Katniss got it from Greasy. The pin then revolved around Prim and Katniss, in which for me works. Madge is not that really important character so it was just ok not to put her in the movie. And besides the pin thingy between Katniss and Prim really showed how bond and great the relationship between the two is.

  • Haymitch’s additional roles in the middle and somewhat near end of the movie.

            It was great. I love it. It just shows that Haymitch really cares about the two. That he is against this Hunger Games held by the Capitol. Besides, not doing those additional stuffs might just make Haymitch a drunkard till the movie ends.

  • The length of Seneca’s exposure and role, in which he is somewhat forgettable in the Novel, but in the movie he somewhat plays a big role

            Yeah I wonder why it happened.  I don’t even remember Seneca exist in the novel.

  • The short length of time on the cave scene.

It was not good and it was not bad. It was just ok. I just, you know need a little bit of time. The scene was so squeezed but nevertheless is was ok. I understand that you know the movie lasted for two hours and a half, what if they add more time to that cave scene it will maybe run for a near three hours. Lol.

  • The way the cornucopia looks like. In which I totally agree, it is supposed to be gold and you know totally big and very different from what it looks like in the movie.

In contrary, amidst all these changes, I still loved the movie. It was a brilliant decision of doing some changes like what I mentioned a while ago. So I am giving the movies screenplay a 4/5 rating.


Casting and Actors Performance

Let me tell this, the casting was awesome! Form lead roles to side ones. Debra Zane you are the best casting director ever!

  • Woody Harrelson as Haymitch – Nice choice. He played the role well.
  • Lenny Kravitz as Cinna – good and outstanding
  • Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket – was perfection. She nailed it! Oh! Mahogany!
  • Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman – Perfect! It was just a perfect fit.
  • Wes Bentley as Seneca Crane – It was ok.
  • Alexander Ludwig’s Cato – It was good. He is scary.
  • Liam Hemsworth as  Gale – I honestly did not expect that Liam will do good.
  • Josh hutcheson as Peeta Mellark –He was just alike of what I imagined while reading the book.
  • Jennifer Lawrence – Spectacular choice. Amidst all criticism that she is not good for being Katniss because she is chubby and children from District 12 should be skinny and rugged. All I can say is that, I don’t F***ing care. LOL. Jennifer did a fantastic job. She might be nominated for Oscars. Just watch out.

Rating for the casting and the actors performances is 5/5!

Overall the movie was great. I was not disappointed. I loved it. I love the way they molded it to be entertaining for both viewers whom have read the book and viewers whom who did not. I am looking forward for the next movie, Catching fire. This movie really deserves to be a block buster worldwide!  The Hungers games movie for me is 4/5.

Hot comments about the movie from random web people


Perhaps we need to redefine our values.
I understand that every kid wants to be some sort of hero.
But not killing other kids.
– eudor, Toronto

For me the author had a chance to really send a strong message but missed it.
In the scene in the beginning of the movie where Katniss is being “tested”. When she is in the arena with her bow and arrows and the oligarchs are partying above, Katniss had a great chance of killing one of them instead of hitting the apple. THAT is what should have happened. THAT would have sent a signal to the people to revolt and WE would not have had to watch a movie where children kills other children.
Unfortunately, the author missed that great opportunity to tell a good story.
Dalexlegis, Nashville, TN

I really don’t see what the big deal is – it’s a decent movie but nothing special stood out for me. And I purposely didn’t read the book first.
– Lee, New Jersey

I left after about 20 minutes as the visual effects of the hand-held camera being used to film this movie made me extremely dizzy.
pjlavrakas, Flagstaff, AZ

This story based loosely on Roman mythology, is a clear indictment of the global capitalist system and its roman circus like attitude toward human beings who are treated like commodities, collateral damage and animals.
– Jubal on Current, Eugene, OR

This movie was very good. This movie is obviously for the people who have read the books. The readers understand what is going on throughout the movie. The book explained what Katniss thinking and feeling about. Therefore, you should see this movie because it can teach us a lesson.
– J, New Jersey

What great books! What a great movie! Can’t wait for the other three!
Katnip is the American soldier of today. Volunteering to serve her District (country.) Being a member of the 99 percent and providing for the 1 percent. What you say? How many people in The U.S. today know what allows them to have their “daily bread?” The 1 percent (actually the U.S. has 6 percent of the world’s population) use roughly 50 percent of the worlds resources, not knowing or evidently caring what happens to the rest of the world. And what do we do? We watch it all (the real Hunger Games) on television then yawn and go to bed. What would happen if we, as U.S. citizens shared everything with the rest of the world? The biggest crash in stock market history, which, of course the 1 percent will NOT allow. Thank you Suzanne Collins for bringing this to our attention. We need to be reminded daily. Those of you who haven’t read the series, please shut up. Those who don’t understand this movie, please shut up. As for me, bring on more. Let’s see if we can enlighten even ONE more person to wars negative realities.
– Barry, Monterey



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