American Idol Power Ranking #5

This prediction ranking just simply predicts the possible percentage of a finalist have in order to win this season. The ranking was based from my own observation and other personal preferences which I based from some other sites and mobs of fans of the show.

UPDATE:The remaining 7 finalist will sing two songs next week.

UPDATE #2: Since each of the returning American Idol 2012 Top 7 will be doing two songs they’ll pick a #1 hit from 2000-2012 off the Billboard charts. The other song will be a “soul” selection and come from a previous decade. I’m hoping for something early 12th century. You know, something really classic.

Their performances this week.

Trying to be Honest. I will rank the top 7 base on their PERFORMANCES LAST NIGHT! This is my own preference so respect eheheeheh
1. Hollie deserved to be the #1 I am not a fan of her but she really did a good job last night. I hope that it was enough for her to be save.
2. Skylar did good too.
3. Joshua is still on he run not as good as Skylar though it was promising.
4. Colton just placed another taste of his performance which makes him exciting and grab more fans.
5. Jessica did a really nice job but others was just better last night.
6. Philips is becoming predictable and boring and last night was not enough to put him in the top spot.
7. Lastly Elise would be on the bottom. I am a fan of Elise but I was really diappointed of her performances last night. Theres is soemthing lacking and I am wondering what it is.

100% safe:
Probably safe:
Jesica and Skylar

In Danger:
Hollie Elise Joshua and Philips

Bottom and might be eliminated :

Dark horse:
Philips might be eliminated tonight lol…
thinking about the possibilities but he is good he just needs to put something better from his sleeves

7 Remaining American Idol 2012 Ranks
Colton Dixon – up by one
Jessica Sanchez – down by one
Skylar Laine – up by two
Phil Philips – same
Hollie Cavanagh  – up by two
Joshua Ledet – down by three

Elise Testone – down by one

Sure Safe Next Week:
Colton Dixon

Possible Bottom three next week:
Jessica Sanchez
Skylar Laine
Phil Philips

My bottom three next week are:
Elise Testone
Joshua Ledet
Hollie Cavanagh

Chances that they will be eliminated:
Elise Testone –   24%
Jessica Sanchez – 12 %
Skylar laine – 14%
Hollie Cavanagh – 25%
Joshua Ledet – 16%
Colton Dixon – 3 %
Phil Philips – 7%

Fan base population (worldwide):
Jessica Sanchez – 37 %
Colton Dixon – 18 %
Hollie Cavanagh – 14%
Phil Philips – 13%
Joshua Ledet – 12%
Elise Testone –   4%
Skylar laine – 3%


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