A Day of Coughs and Laughters

It was one hot afternoon, when I woke up. My head hurts; I am dizzy and hungry at the same time. I was suffering of a thing called hangover. After playing five hours straight of DOTA the other day due to boredom, I suffered the consequences right ahead. Plus, I have not mentioned my cough with no phlegm but too itchy in the throat that troubles me too sleep at night.  Amidst all these negative scenarios I was still eager to walk and fix myself as a preparation for the upcoming event later that night; a time to have fun with my high school friends.

I was very busy of my studies and work for the past months that I have no such time to give for my beloved friends. We cannot also deny the fact that they are having a hard time too. It’s been almost a year from our graduation day at high school, since I last saw some of them and as the day that we have planned for the few days had arrive, we will meet each other and watch the Lin-ay sg Negros 2012. It would be lame, you know?! Haha.. but my point is that all I care about is seeing them and having fun with them, where ever and when ever time and opportunities are available. Period.

Back to my room, where I just woke up. Yes, I immediately walk to the kitchen to eat my lunch and breakfast then iron my clothes, brush my teeth, pack my things and take a bath. After doing these rituals I went to McDo Lasalle to meet them. What happened next was history.



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