American Idol 2012 Power Ranking #6

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This prediction ranking just simply predicts the possible percentage of a finalist have in order to win this season. The ranking was based from my own observation and other personal preferences which I based from some other sites and mobs of fans of the show.

UPDATE: Next week the Top 6 will take on songs from Queen and will even take part in a group medley along with original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. That all goes down on Wednesday. On Thursday, Season 11′s Stefano Langone returns to perform as does pop star Katy Perry.

6 Remaining American Idol 2012 Ranks
Jessica Sanchez
Skylar Laine

 Joshua Ledet

Phil Philips

Elise Testone

Hollie Cavanagh

Sure Safe Next Week:
Jessica Sanchez

Possible Bottom three next week:
Joshua Ledet
Phil Philips


My bottom three next week are:
Elise Testone
Skylar Laine

Hollie Cavanagh

Chances that they will be eliminated:
Elise Testone –   25%
Jessica Sanchez – 10 %
Skylar laine – 16%
Hollie Cavanagh – 27%
Joshua Ledet – 15%
Phil Philips – 8%

Fan base population (worldwide):
Jessica Sanchez – 47 %
Hollie Cavanagh – 8%
Phil Philips – 17%
Joshua Ledet – 13%
Elise Testone –   2%
Skylar laine – 15%


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