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It’s been a long and happy month of blogging. I was very excited to reach a thousand hits and now that I did it, I can’t even express how happy I am. Blogging was never been a hobby for me for the past years, I admit that I am found of writing random stuffs but all these thoughts was just hidden from one of my random notebooks or files in my computer.  I named this blog wild brain because I just have this feeling that my quirky head keeps on thinking random stuffs without sticking and being contented into one. I want to explore a wider scope because doing it makes me happy. The world is too big for me alone to  explore and it will take me years to finish unraveling its hidden secrets. Years and years but who cares? I will start now oh sorry I actually started weeks ago. In this matter I will be expecting a long road of excitement to tackle in these upcoming years. See what you are reading now is exactly a photocopy of my brain. This is indeed a free written article but admit it is cool, right? From blogging to the logo to the hobby to the mind to the journey and now to this outline.

I had fun and I hope you did to. I am going to end this article now but I will be back soon or maybe sooner just in case my brain starts to get wild again. You can leave a message at the comment section below and tell me what you want to. My brain is an open minded one and it actually loves conversation. :0


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