It’s More Fun Running for a Cause in Philippines

I was again scrolling down the homepage of my Facebook account when I saw the picture at the right side of this article. At first I thought it was just one of the random photo posted in a social site but as I read the description, I was shocked. This is the actual description and take your time reading it:

“WHY DO WE RUN? Early this morning, I ran my first marathon. It is dubbed as the NATGEO EARTH DAY RUN. I ran for 3 reasons: 1. I liked the shirt (i would have settled for the 3k, but I liked the 5k gray shirt so i would not mind running an additional 3k); 2. I had no taping yesterday; 3. I wanna lose some calories. I did not run to save the earth. That was clear. I was just wondering why the others ran? I was so amused to see most runners scatter their used paper cups and bottled waters on the street. Oh, Mother Earth would be very proud of them…and the organizers. I hope the organizers did not place plastic bottled waters or paper cups in the various stops of the race. I hope they reiterated upon registration that the runner must bring his/her own container and that water fonts will be stationed instead. That could have saved them some money, and yes, some trees. Next time, let us be clear about our intentions in initiating these events. I may have ran for the wrong reasons, but I certainly did not throw away that paper cup on the street. Happy Earth Day Everyone, whatever that means to you.”

This reality makes me think how unsure our future is. Yes, I was happy to hear that some of my country men here in the Philippines are having such an environmental act for Mother Nature but after knowing this recent situation my perspective suddenly changed a bit. That cause was not for Mother Earth it was for greediness of money. First the cause was not meant and it actually worsen the problem and second is that people who joined for that cause was not thinking by heart and mind that the event was for the Nature all they think was just some filthy selfish act. Oh! I should stop. I can not really express what I feel right now. :/


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