American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Finalist

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Update: After the top 6 performed last night we had witnessed 12 great performances, but there are 3 whom for me really stands out. The top three best performances last night for me are:

Hollie Cavanagh surprisingly topped the Dial Idol prediction with the only Idol to own a green button.

  • Hollie Cavanagh’s The Climb A+
  • Joshua Ledet’s Ready For Love A-
  • And Elise Testone’s I Want It All A

Also good performances are Jessica Sanchez’s Dance With My Father (B++) and Skylar Laine’s The Show Must Go On (A).

This year’s American Idol was indeed good. It was not boring and the competition is not predictable. As the final night rapidly approach, we have seen finalist slowly degrade in numbers, and that is exciting. Today only six left and all of them deserve to be the next idol.

  1. Jessica Sanchez has been one of the most watched and tough contestant in this season. She is very young but still she manages to showcase her incredible talent that made everybody around the world vote for her online or wherever there is voting thingy ahah. She is a total package but is it enough?

    American Idol Season 12 Top 6 Finalist

  2. Hollie Cavanagh was an early favorite of the show. After coming back from last years almost happy ending, miss sunshine clawed back and grabbed a spot in the top six. She has been an underdog since the top 13 started; can she still pull something off to help her proceed for another week? Or even win the competition?
  3. Joshua Ledet is a church soulful singer. His voice was just pure talent but he lacks something and I don’t know what it is. I have a big feeling that if Joshua continues to do what he is doing now he might be in the final three or even in the final night.
  4. Phil Philips is the girl’s favorite. We cannot deny that he is awesome in most of his performances and that makes him a big contender for this season’s title. He is good but we cannot say thatit will be enough for him to win.
  5. Elise Testone is another underdog. I was not expecting her to be part of the final six. She is awesome and her voice is unique. She is on the other hand inconsistent but due to good supports from her fans she might stick to the competition for a little while. She needs to step up and outshine the others in order to win.
  6. Skylar Laine is a country singer. She is nasal in some of her previous performance but still she manages to pull them off and give us a pure satisfaction of a good performance. Skylar keeps on unraveling some style which made her not boring. She is wise and that could be her ticket in the final three. Skylar deserves to be the winner but there are others whom just like her. She has a huge fan base also but as I what I said before, the competition is unpredictable.

Tonight the final six performs again and we will see if we can envision in advance this season’s final five.


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