The Day When Zombies Ruin my Shirt

Here I am again. Standing alone outside our apartment, holding a laptop and typing these words randomly. How are you doing Barney? Oh, by the way there was a fire last night near our apartment I heard it was the market. Today is just like the past three hundred sixty five days minus forty maybe, this day is completely boring. I won’t give up by Jason Mraz are playing now and I don’t have any idea why. My mother ordered me yesterday that I will wash my filthy clothes so that I will find something to do in my lonely life but instead I ended listening to the pumped up kicks by Foster the People now. I just finish taking a bath by the way and I smell like a bar of dove soap. I am wearing a green jersey shorts and a yellow shirt that was ruined by the zombies. I am bored okay and I am rooting for Hollie Cavanagh and still at the same time praying and hoping Philip Philips will be eliminated. I might be wasting my time here because I still have a script to finish. Yes, a script of a talk show of our speech and communication class and guess what we will perform it tomorrow and still the script is not ready. Life is awesome but for me its cool. LOL. DO I have to type to l’s and an O? Never mind so I just have to end this ? What do you call this one? Ammm okay Ill think about that soon, but before I bid good bye please check my novel page above. Bye.


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