Movie Review: GONE (2012)

Rating: 4 out of 10

I was choosing a movie to be viewed and the movie Gone was at the bottom of my list. Even though it’s Amanda Seyfreid and she’s fucking hot and an awesome actress especially at her movie Jennifer’s Body. I thought Gone would be boring but still I gave it a shot because I think it’s worth it to be given with, no offense.

Ok the move started with Jill as Amanda, talking to her sister, which is the only family member left for her. The two are just chit chatting and then Jill leaves. Then the movie evolves into this scenario where Jill’s sister was kidnapped by the same guy whom kidnapped Jill also a year ago. It was then followed by Jill whom asked help from the police which ended as negative for her because the police did not believe her. Jill by the way has a mental problem and works at a coffee shop. Enough of that, the rest was just, Jill ended hunting the kidnapper and connecting the links of possibilities to locate the den of the culprit of her sisters disappearance, which turns out to be pretty pathetic and lame storyline for me. The whole movie was predictable and when the time Jill got a chance to face the kidnapper and kill him, it was fucking ugly. Ugly movie, no sense, no emotional impact to the viewers, the ending was so squeezed and fucked up and the direction was plain bad.

The story has no sense and the movie was just a waste of money, add it up, a waste of time watching. All the scenes were tried to be good but ended bad. The movie has no sense at all. It is thrilling for a five years old child. The movie itself deserves to be Gone for good.



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