Movie Review: THIS MEANS WAR

Rating: 7 out of 10

Reese Witherspoon is really hot in this movie. All the girls are really hot actually and of course that would be a credit to all females who made an appearance in the movie, except for Reese’s old and dirty friend. The movie is very funny. I enjoy watching it. Two guys who are agent partners, known each other very well and falling in love not with each other but with the same girl. That girl is Reese, and she pathetically also fell in love also to those both guys.

My favorite parts of the movie are the scenes where both guys used the CIA facility, their under agents and other high tech devices (I don’t know what to call them) just to know what are Reese’s hobbies, dislikes, daily routine and dreams. Chris Pine and the other British guy, his best bud whom is his rival against Reese heart at the same time, are doing their best to make a good impression to Reese. The movie is really cool especially when it comes down to the tie breaker where, Reese has decided that she should have sex with those guys and if whoever is better in bed will take her heart. Then Reese’s best friend offers a help, having pre-sex with those guys before Reese in order to make sure that it is safe and also help judging the tie breaking portion but she ended up on a lake driving her floating car.

The movie has a lot of recipes for the viewers and that is why I like the movie. It is not boring and it is fresh. However I was not impressed with the ending. Another lame traditional firing scenes with cars chasing, fake explosions and flying helicopters, I was hoping that the ending would be great not just plain ok, but never mind, I really enjoy watching it. This means war is really a proposition for the upcoming world war three where the soldiers are father’s with weapons like karate kids.



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