Cover Clash 2012 Top 31 Contestants

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Cover Clash 2012. The first and only event that will compare and make the top and famous individuals at YouTube whom makes covers to clash against each other. Cover Clash 2012 will bring you the excitement that you have never tasted before. Thrill that you will really enjoy. Are you ready?!

This competition is compose of five stages, the audition, preliminary elimination, final elimination, finals and the grand finals. There are thirty one contestants whom have passed the audition and will proceed to the next stage which is the preliminary elimination next week. Ladies and gentlemen, who’s your bet? You better pick one because their fate of winning is right at yoyr hands.

All throughout the competition the contestants will rely on your votes and the judges scores in order to survive elimination. Every week the contestants will perform a cover and their performances will be rank according to these following criteria:

  1. Impact
  2. Creativity
  3. Authenticity
  4. Vocal Ability
  5. and Entertainment Value.

Plus, besides from the scores that they will get from the three judges, the contestants must also garner some votes from you guys via polls. Your votes will compose the contestants 70% total score, which also states that the judges score is only 30%. The preliminary elimination will begin before the month of May 2012 ends.

  • Alex Goot
  • Sam Tsui
  • Boys Avenue
  • Tyler Ward
  • Christina Grimmie
  • Megan Nicole
  • Tiffany Alvord
  • Vazquez Sounds
  • hchsknights08
  • Karmin
  • Tanner Patrick
  • Justinrobinett
  • Airto
  • Bwebman8
  • Jriceproductions
  • Nick Pitera
  • Poppysinger
  • Conor Maynard
  • Cimorelli
  • Tae Brooks
  • NotProfane
  • Adrian Wilson
  • Nick Gardner
  • Kinna Grannis
  • Maddie Jane
  • Mike Tompkins
  • Alexa Goddard
  • Austin Mahone
  • Jason Chen
  • Venetian Princess
  • Jake Coco

For more info about the event please visit the Covers Clash Page.


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