Movie Review: BRIDESMAID

RATING: 8 out 0f  10

Bridesmaids is really awesome. It is not a typical comedy movie and it is not lame and boring. Sex in the City is really a complete opposite of this movie and I don’t want to mention the reasons why. Bridesmaid will make you laugh and learn lessons in life that you will really treasure. The movie really deserves our time.

The movie is all about this girl named, Annie. She is a broken hearted woman, working as a sales lady on a jewelry shop and she lives together with an English brother and sister in an apartment.  She once owns a cake shop but it was closed when she and her previous boyfriend broke-up. Annie owns a car, an old one and it is really ugly.  She has this best friend, which I forgot the name. Please forgive me. Never mind, let us proceed. Ok, Annie and her best friend known each other since they’re young, you know those typical best friend forever thingy.

The story starts to get interesting when Annie’s best friend is engaged and will have a wedding soon. Annie was of course the maid of honor as expected. Then there is this engagement party, correct me if I am wrong, were everyone whom will be in the wedding meet each other. This is the time when Annie meets Helen, her best friend’s new best friend. This is the start of a wacky ride of humorous punch lines and crazy deeds that will really entertain you to your fullest satisfaction.

The movie is all about overcoming insecurities, self-actualization and overcoming trials in a relationship with your best friend. This movie is like a pop and corn. It pops with great surprises. Surprises with sense and it is corn not because the jokes are corny but because the whole movie is like a corn kernel, so small but has a big future.

So watch the movie and get a free puppy or a small flowery cup cake and I forgot to mention that the movie can make your anus expel such gems at the middle of the street due to Brazilian foods.



3 responses to “Movie Review: BRIDESMAID

  1. I agree. This is one of those movies that proves that women are every bit as funny as men. This flick shows the real way women think and act with their friends or when facing something about themselves that they don’t like. Great post!

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