People are creations of God. Created with perfection for most but I can still think why oh why do they exist. Well asking it is like asking myself, on why on earth am I here for? Well, I am just very confused of what proper actions are to be taken to these lovely and awesome people. LOL.  I just lied.

If ever you are asking me what my problems are today, well I will not hesitate to answer that question. Actually, the answer is very simple. I DON’T KNOW! See, I am crazy and my brain is not functioning well as of today. I hate myself for hating a lot of people. Oopss.  Well I guess after telling you that, I will not hold back of telling you what you’re eager to know. Here it is. I hate some people around me.

Do you want to know the reasons?

Why would I tell you?

You might tell those following people that I hate them, or maybe just maybe, you are one of those special people in this earth. I know that it’s bad too hate your fellow human (if you still consider them one) but… never mind I’ll just have to tell you these things in order to express my side properly and clearly. I don’t have a choice. I hope you will really pay attention because if you still don’t know, I am at risk by doing this so, sssshhh.

Let’s make this a secret.

Don’t tell anyone.

Just you and me.


  • In my classroom. There is this stupid, ugly and fat girl who thinks that she is really awesome. Urghhh. I hate her so much that I want to stomp and pound her face so hard. She’s intelligent because that’s what SHE said, but I am telling you she is not! She gets high grades because she is the Queen of the CHEATING KINGDOM!!!  I am pissed off everytime she observes me and tries to copy what I am doing because honestly she is jealous of me because I am smarter than her. And I think that she also hates me much because most of our teacher loves me and praise me, for I studied hard, do NOT CHEAT, not competitive and HUMBLE. I am smart and I am not proud of it. I am just happy that I am, if it’s really true. But this stupid classmate of mine acts opposite. She even made some actions to put me down. CRAB MENTALITY! She’s a freak!  And I am awesome.  She is my classmate again and I am thinking right now that I am dead. Shit!


  • Besides of the troll inside our class, I have this other problem. The stupid and grossest gay roommate in my dormitory. ARRGGGHHHHHHH!!!! I must be the unluckiest guy ever! I hate gays. Their gross. I mean not all gays, just some, especially cross dressers and medical technologist. Yuck! If you know what I mean. LOL. Ok, there is this unknown gay whom acts as if he knows me for a very loooooong time. In fact we barely know each other and I don’t have any intention of knowing him. He always follows me everywhere I go. He follows me when I eat outside. Follows me when I go t our room, bathroom, living room and everywhere. He always opens random topics to talk about which I found very stupid, awkward and shit. Plus, he always gives me food, like burgers, doughnuts, peanuts and many more. He even bought me some other stuff that is useful to me. I don’t even ask anything or even talk to him. Everytime I arrive at my room from school I always sees contraptions at my bed. I don’t know what he is up too but I can sense that I will not like the outcome. I tried to confront him to stay away from me but he made a drama! Fuck him! He said he just wants some bother that will be there for him!! Fuck him!! Fuuuuuck him!! I don’t even know him. See, it’s gross because he is gay and I am not comfortable when gays are around. I always do things in order to eradicate their presence. I avoid him most of the time but shit always happens. He just popped out of nowhere as if he has a tracking device of me. SHITT!!


Now what are you thinking? Do you have any idea of helping me in this downfall? I need help. That’s why I write this stuff. I am hoping of some answers and terminators to this fucking people. Tsk. What will I do?! Oh help!


4 responses to “SHIT! it’s HAPPENING!!!! By JSA JR.

  1. So you’re complaining about the free doughnuts and BURGERS. Why? Just kidding. Let him know your boundaries and since it’s in his nature, there’s really nothing you could do about him. Best move out or enjoy the free stuff.

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