Wild Brain Strikes Again


A three letter expression word (is it considered?). But moving on, LOL is my key to escape sadness. I am tired as of to day because I have done a lot of unnecessary and stupid things days ago. I hate myself and everyone around me. EVERYBODY! Everybody , yes.

I don’t know I just want to and I don’t really have any reason why I should have to. I am actually asking myself if  I should really post this train of thought or I should shut the hell up.

I don’t know what the answer is yet. LOl but if you are reading this already then I think you know the answer.  It’s late now and I have to sleep but I did not. Instead I am here talking to you and doing nothing but smashing these keys printed with white symbols.

I am tires and stressed I guess. I need rest so I must stop this insanity.

I btw watched Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter hours ago and it was shit.  Lol .

Ok, bye now!


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