October 15,20fenite

I am all alone….
Blow the candles all looks like a solo tonight.
I am lying in my cozy bed as the hand of the clock hang at the wall afar plays background noise for my “me time” scene. I am bored. I have been lying here for almost an hour. Saturday nights are supposed to be a night full of computer games and other internet stuffs that gave me a close to heaven entertainment but this night is different. With my favorite pillow unwashed for almost three months already place just right above my belly to gain extra heat I punch the air with a pro boxer uppercut. The room is dark and I can only see limited things illuminated by a golden ray of light coming from the streetlight across the street. My phone vibrates and shines, giving enough light to see the ceiling of the room. Someone texted me. It was from Ken and he is asking me where I am. I ignore the message and close my eyes. Inside my head the melody of the song Candles by Hey Monday is running back and forth. My phone vibrates again and this time it vibrates longer compared to the first one. An unknown number is calling. I answer it and Ken is talking from the other line. He asks me if I have time right now because he and his friends are currently drinking booze at Soar and they want me to come over. I said yes.
I arrive at the meeting place and immediately join Ken and his friends Mark, Kath and Jonah. They were having a good time. The bar is not crowded and I like it. Just the perfect space for me to loosen the demons that hide within my body. I’ll free them tonight because I know that boredom is currently giving them agony. I start drinking some booze. This is what I need tonight. Just like this, a cold liquid running down my throat, loud banging music around and cool people to company me. I am not lonely right now. I stare at the people around me. All are normal. Smiling, talking drinking, dancing and sleeping. I stare at Ken, he treats us tonight. Maybe he is up to something and I am wondering what it is. I stare at Kath. Cool girl, pretty, and attractive. Girls with very straight and presentable hair attracts me. They’re so hot. This girl Kath is definitely my type. I stare at Jonah and I caught her staring directly at me too. She smiles and hides her face by her palms. I smile. There’s no need for me to stare other people. I’ve just seen two stars trying to peek from heaven. I have a great feeling that my life will change right here —right now.


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