Promenade of Stupidity Dress by Flaming Penguins

There were times I ask myself why life can’t be so simple like a leaf that floats above the cold spring water at dawn. I ask myself several times about it and that’s just it, ask but never gained any answer from myself. I opened the window so that others can give their answers to this question. Some says it’s all because life without pain and trials are boring. Other says life just works that way and we can’t do anything about it. Just ride with it, enjoy and continue moving on.

Of course they’re right. Their opinions and perspectives are definitely punching some critical foundation for my soul’s consciousness. Still amidst all those verbal and heartfelt blows, my precious and the same time stupid weapon of escapism, which others call it the trait of unteachability, triggers from the very core of my human flesh. I am not satisfied. I still seek for something; something with a “wow-scream-lady sex- sleep –whatsoever” factor.

This leads us to this scenario or shall we say (more creative way) “Journey of guy named Joel Awesomemesoon towards the oblivious world of verdant and queer filled world of unproductive and unclassified contraptions from the Andromeda galaxy.” I will not tell you everything that happened at that journey. I prefer to keep the details top secret, but in case if you still persist to ask some gist about the it, then I can’t stand any longer raising my pride higher than the pyramid of Giza. You know me; I can’t afford people having a hard time because of the net total of Newtons produced by the demonic souls I’ve unchained deep within my very own homemade Tartarus.

See you soon padawans. Moheng!


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