Give me a sign please;A sign not to give up.

You’re done? Me too. Thanks for helping me slap all those shits right at my face. It’s a compliment so don’t you worry Baby. Right now I feel so useless like a garbage floating at the middle of the river in Jupiter. Alone. Shattered.  A waste. I apologize for those EVERYTHING I did for you and for our relationship. I admit– I am a jerk. You don’t deserve me. You deserve someone better. It’s a fact. It hurts but I have to accept it. There’s nothing else I can do Baby. My life is a mess. I can’t fix my past. It is always haunting me wherever I go, whatever I do and whoever I am with. I can’t make it stop. I can’t run away from it. I have to face it and by that I will always remain a shit. Your friends tell them I’m sorry. Baby, I will never forget you and this everything we have. You will always be the one who once makes me so special. The one I always look forward everyday. Th one I made plans with. The one, the only one who once gave me hope, happiness—-life. I want a new life Baby. I want to end this one so that my past will end right away. I want to die and live once again. Restart. That’s my only option right now. I suck big time, I destroyed my life. I’m a filthy demon who deserves hell. I did everything to be happy but it seems like it was mot enough. I’m sorry that you can’t have me the way you wanted even though I tried to be one so hard. I just want to say goodbye in order to avoid further destruction in your life. I will never forget you. You will always be the person I love so true, so epic— so heavenly. You will always be in my heart.  Give me a sign please. A sign not to give up. You are my only hope and you know that.


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