Fucked Up

Its funny how things work so fast like gears oiled a day ago; efficient and in a hurry just to accomplish and do what it was made for. I can still remember how to use the broomstick as a light saber as I tried to role play Skywalker fourteen years ago. The days I tend to sluggishly abandon my bed early in the morning. Spend two pesos to buy Sambag candy in a plastic with salt on top. Drink root beer cola after lunch. Play hide and seek every afternoon. Kick some slippers during a heart breaking tournament of mini school made slipper mode baseball. I was young and wild and only care less to the world.

I can still remember how I cried so hard as one of my peso was lost and I was not capable of going home. How I cried as simple things happening on earth that I did not like occurred. As young as we are we always tend to do things adults can’t.

Time flied so fast and here I am now, an adult. Responsibilities and the demands of the society piled up every day. Life gets tougher and tougher every breath. Your soul is getting old and your brain is getting wilder. Time and life. Two epic words with I at the second and E at the end.  Two words with vast and crazy properties around the universe.

Dear I am tired. I am fucked up. I am not sure where to step next. The load at my back is getting heavier and heavier. What will I do?


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