Well this is more than u ever wanted to kno about me lol


**********YOU, YOU, YOU**********

1. Nicknames? Biboy, Wee, Jow

2. When’s your birthday? May 17,1994

3. Age? 18

4. Sex: Male

5. Social security? Should i really tell u that

6. Where do u live? Sagay, Neg. Occ, Phil

7. What school to you attend? UNOR

8. Siblings and their ages? Jude -12, Jovan ,11

9. Pets? None

10. Zodiac sign? Taurus

11. Righty or lefty? righty

**********YOUR LOOKS**********

12. Hair color: Brown

13. Eye color: black not sure lol

14. Height:  5′ 7″

15. Do u wear contacts or glasses? No

16. Do you have any piercings? none

17. Where do u want more if u do? Ears only

18. Do you have any tattoo’s? no…

19. If so, what and where? Calf/. John 14:6

20. Do you wear any rings? nah

21. Do you have a certain fashion you follow? Jeans and a T-shirt if im not in a Piarist uniformand polo shirts.

22. How are you today? Im bored

23. What pants are you wearing right now? Nah im wearing a shrort

24. What shirt are u wearing right now? Polo shirt., dunnoi the brand

25. What does ur hair look like at the moment?  messy

26. What song are u listening to right now? 5 yrs time by noah and the whale

27. What was the last thing u ate: milkfish and rice

28. How is the weather right now? Pretty hott

29. Last person! u talked to on the phone: Hazel romero

30. Last dream you can remember? dying

31. Who are you talking to now??? Stupid ghost ahhaha

32. What time is it? 10:27 p.m

*********MORE ABOUT YOU**********

33. What are the last four digits of ur phone number? 4800

34. If you were a crayon, what color would u be? orange

35. Have you ever almost died? Yea

36. Do u like the person who sent u this? i didnt get it sent to me

37. How do u eat and Oreo? i eat it simple as that

38. What makes u happy?  Books and good company from close people

39. What’s the next cd that ur going to buy? Noah and the whale 4th album

40. What religion/denomination are u? Baptist

41. What’s the best advice ever given to u? Grow up

42. Have you ever won any special award? A lot

43. What are ur future goals? Marry and grow old with my baby

44. Do you like to dance? Hell no

45. Worst sickness u have ever had? Allergies,.. a lot of allergies

46. What’s the stupidest thing u have ever done? Prank a new clasmte back in HS

47. What’s ur favorite memory? Too vague,. Cnat answer this

48. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? MY bone structure

49! . Where do u shop most? munsterific

50. How many kids do u want? 2

51. Son’s names? John

52. Daughter’s names? Anne

53. Do u do drugs? What drug??

54. Do u drink? Occational lang ho

55. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do u use? Selson blue.,. selenium sulfide lol

56. What sport do u hate the most? Sumo

57. What are you most scared of? Hurt emotionally

58. How many t.v’s do u have in your house? 2

59. Do u have ur own? nope

60. Do u have ur own phone line? no…..grrrr

61. Do u sleep with a stuffed animal? When I was young

62. Have you ever broken, fractured, or sprained something? nope

63. Who do u dream about? People included in my problems

64. Who do u tell your dreams to? Ppl who ask

65. Who is the loudest friend? Tweety

66. Who is the quietest friend you have? Danna

67. Is cheerleading a sport? Of course not

68. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Mr. Owl said 3

69. Which came first.. the chicken or the egg? Well lets juss not say ur more confused that way but i swear i kno the answer i really do.

**********YOU AND LOVE**********

70. Do u believe in love? yes

71. Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? yes

72. Do u have crush? A llot

73. Who is your crush? Sam pinto

74. Did u send this to ur crush? krokro

75. Do u believe in love at first sight? yes

76. Where do u want to go on your honeymoon? El Nido

77. What song do u want played at your wedding? Born For you

78. What is the first thing u notice about the opposite sex? eyes and thier smile

79. Are u too shy to ask someone out? Nope

80. Who do u want to spend the rest of ur life wit? My baby

81. Do u find yourself attractive? no

82. Do u find yourself ugly? yesh

83. Do others find you attractive?  Yesh.,., blind ones


84. Making out with j lopez or brittany spears? J lopez,. MILF,,., I have a crush on Brit years ago

85. Having your tonsils or appendix removed? tonsils

**********PICK ONE: THIS OR THAT**********

86. Lights on/off: off

87. Sun or rain? rain

88. Mickey D’s (McDonalds) or BK: Mickey D’s of course #1 no pickle lol

89. Do u like scary movies or happy movies better? happy

90. Backstreet boys or NSYNC? neither

91. On tha phone or in person: in person

92. Paper or plastic: plastic

93. Sausage or pepperoni? pepperoni

94. Summer or winter: summer no winter here

95. Hugs or kisses: both

96. Chocolate or white milk: white milk

97. Root beer or dr. pepper: Root beer

98. Glass half full or half empty? half full

99. Videotape or DVD: DVD

100. Cats or dogs: CATSS!

101. Mud or jello wretsling? Jello it seems interesting

102. Vanilla or chocolate? vanilla

103. Skiing or boarding? boarding

104. Day or night? night

105. Cake or pie? Cake

106. Diamond or pearls: diamonds

107. Sunset or sunrise: sunrise

108. mustard or ketchup? Ketchup

109. salt or pepper? salt

110. pepsi or coke? coke

**********YOUR FAVES*******

111. Color: orange

112. Food: pizza and chicken

113. Fast food: burgers & fries

114. Candy: Crunch bars

115. Beverage: Mt Dew

116. Ice~cream flavor: vanilla

117. Sport: volleyball and badminton

118. number: 7 and 14

119. Radio station: eeeerrr

120: Song: Welcome to my Life by Simple Plan

121. Band: Noah and the Whale, Damien Rice, MAydfay PArade Simple Plan

122. Fav actor or actress: Jennifer LAwrence

123. Favorite day of the year: Christmas

124. Favorite month: June

125. TV show: Amazing Race

126. Store: sjkhfkhvkbv take that

127. Teacher: mrs roms

128. Board game: chess

129. Saying: “Ill be fine. Ill do best!”

130. Truck: a Big truck ,.., monster

~~~~~~~~~~HAVE YOU EVER~~~~~~~~~~

131. Loved someone so much it made you cry? yes

132. Drank? yes

133. Ever gotten dumped? yea.. alwways

134. Broke the law? Yeh sort of

135. Ran from the cops? no

136. Stole something? nope

137. Tried to kill urself? no comment

138. Made ur self throw up? no but sorry bout ur bathroom steph wasnt my fault

139. Been in love? Yea I am right now actually

140. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? yes

********ONE FINAL NOTE**********

141. Do you like filling these out: yea i like ’em when i’m bored

142. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Hate the world

143. Who would u say u can trust most myself

144. If you could ask one person anything, who and what would it be?  Myself and ill ask.,. what the fuck are you doing?>!!

145. What is your dream? To die smart and happy

146. What is your fave quote? Your life is a reflection of your doings

147. Who is your favorite Men’s Basketball team? LAkers

148. If you could change one thing that you have done in your life what would it be? Grew up in other family

149. If u had one word to describe urself what wud it be? Immatureselfcenteredunteachable,.,

150. DO you want to kill yourself in case? Yes,,. It will be a pleasure but not now.,,



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