By the Lake at Noon

“There is only two important moments in life that we should never forget. One, when we escape our mother’s vaginas. Two, when our hearts stop drinking blood.” All eyes glued at her. She loves moments like this. “Everything else in between is just merely commercials, our choices.”


Autumn is about to end and all the trees in the backyard are bald. The verdant grasses are nowhere to be found. Everything flooded by a pile of orange and brown maple leaves.  Laughter’s echoes across the street, as Mrs. Romero scowled her children. It is a normal Sunday morning. My parents are not around during this time of the week and complete freedom is right above my hand.


“Dude seriously?” Kevin asked through the phone.

“I can’t go today. I have something important to do.” He’s pretty upset after I declined. Sunday is our downtown day. Kevin is a nice friend and my mother and his have been friends for decades already. We’ve known each other since 2nd grade after his family moved here. He is like a brother to me. I don’t have siblings and my parents won’t even bother to give me reasons whenever I ask them one. It is just weird but I’m happy though. They are the best parents in the world. My mom works at the office with editing stuffs as she calls it. My dad is a doctor. He is expert in giving birth and almost all the kids at school younger than me passed at my father’s hands.


Silence envelops the environment. Moist soil and dump smell of rotting leaves accompanies me as I slowly walk towards the lake at the far end of the town’s only forest park.  The water at the lake dances by the heat of the sun. A cool breeze of air washes the warmth in my skin. This is what I need, alone in this place far away from my normal life. There is no animal in sight; even birds. The fresh water shows no sign of any fish or tadpoles.  My phone rings.


I ignored it and instead listened to my ringtone. Noah and the Whale song Waiting for My Chance to Come change the mood. I sang with the ringtone. Kevin must be angry.

It’s almost noon. Where the hell is she?

Late again as usual.

I lay my back at the semi wet soil and watched the clouds as they float above me. Still no signs of any animals, no sign of her. I close my eyes.


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