I’m A Shit of Superman

The wind is gushing freely at my face
I am alone
Standing still
With arms wide open
Stretching endlessly
Fathomless is the space beyond
My head facing at the sky
Birds fly nearby

I remember how it feels to hug you.
Yes, it felt so good.
Eyes tightly shut
I smile.
Those times I swear,
We are infinite.
I was just like Charlie,
Very happy

With immeasurable bliss
I am crying
Then smiling
While the wind is genuinely cheering

I never felt this way before
I wish I could ask for more
Right now,
At a foot wide gutter
Feet anchored forever
I stutter
While I whisper a silent prayer

Here I am
A superhero
Nobody could stop
What I am about to do
A single step…
A single step for me and you.
To save the world
I will smile,
I will fly,
I will cry
And sing a final lullaby.


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