Alone and Yeah Lonely

Its been a grey day for me make it grey month… no months. I just want to do something awesome now. Like play a drum, go at the top of nearby summit and see the stars singing shits, or just go somewhere where there no noise. I feel lost? I dont know. Loneliness surrounds me. Im happy though but theres this feeling that my heart tends to leap  out of my chest anytime from now and scream. I just want to cry and I dont know why. I want to hug someone and cry at his or her or even animals will do, all night long. I just want to cry now. This is weird. Im talking to nobody. Psssh. I feel cold and my mind is speechless. I just want to cry. This is bad. I really want to go somewhere where I can see the sun rising from the horizon. Smell the earth as it twerks its body around the sun. I just want to belong to something, somewhere… or maybe to someone. Do I need help at this point or Im just acting weird? Tsk


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