Hi there little and gigantic lurkers. Welcome to my blog!

I am new in this kind of things, and honestly I do not have any reason why did I made this blog.

Everything happened mysteriously. Like I am somehow not in myself and when I snap back into reality I found out that  I have a blog already! Enough for this insanity, now let me get straight, I am Joel and this is one of the weirdest world I have ever been. This blog came out of the blue but when I started to discover its tiny pieces I found out that this is fun! As a student journalist and a weirdo, this place is a perfect hideout for my insanity. Here I can fully express the things of what I am that I can’t express in personal. So, please understand that this blog is like my brain, every posts are random just like every random ideas that enters my mind. I hope you enjoy my wild brain and you may realize something good and worthy in it! Good day and good bye!


8 responses to “Profile

  1. Thanks for the follow Wild Brains. You have a nice entertainment blog going here. Good luck and Cheers.

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