Movie Reviews


  • Gone(2012) – I was choosing a movie to be viewed and the movie Gone was at the bottom of my list. Even though it’s Amanda Seyfreid and she’s fucking hot and an awesome actress especially at her movie Jennifer’s Body. I thought Gone would be boring but.. (Read More)
  • This Means War  – Reese Witherspoon is really hot in this movie. All the girls are really hot actually and of course that would be a credit to all females who made an appearance in the movie, except for Reese’s old and dirty friend. The movie is very funny. I enjoy watching it. Two guys who are agent partners, known each other very well and falling in love not with each other but with the same girl…. (Read More)
  • Hunger Games – A couple hundred years in the future, what used to be known as North America makes up the nation of Panem. About 75 years prior to the events of the film, the then thirteen districts of Panem unsuccessfully rebelled against the oppressive government housed at the nation’s Capitol, and after the destruction of ,… (Read More)
  • 21 Jump Street – A comedy movie and I don’t like lame jokes. The movie’s plot was simple. There are these two weird cops, whom are completely opposite to each other. One cop was played by Channing Tatum and the other was, I don’t know. Ok, both graduated at the degree of criminology at college. They worked together at the lowest…(Read More)
  • Bellflower – I have seen the trailer at the YouTube and read some comments about random people’s opinions about the movie. Most of their opinions are positive and that is why I decided to look for the fastest way in order to watch the movie. After a day I finally have a copy of the movie. I watched it and guess what, it is… (Read More)
  • Bridesmaids is really awesome. It is not a typical comedy movie and it is not lame and boring. Sex in the City is really a complete opposite of this movie and I don’t want to mention the reasons why. Bridesmaid will make you laugh and learn lessons in life that you will really treasure. The movie really deserves our time. (Read More)

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